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18 March 2010


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Seth Oliver

How refreshing. The future for Wales can only become brighter from these foreign lights. This generosity of spirit will surely be reciprocated, even if it is not in our lifetimes, by the same countries, or even in the same world of art. The ether remembers. Gestures that are giving without too much concern for self (i.e. Wales) and are not giving to receive, are the ones that last and the ones that let us truly learn from our past.
If we are to be empowered as a Welsh Nation, and want to be taken seriously on the contemporary art scene then our voice needs to become one that speaks with those open tones and critical theories that are shared with the rest of the world.
How brilliant to be brave. Besides, there are plenty of post colonial & under dog country issue nods that the learned visitor or lay person for that matter ought to pick up on in the art works. So, Wales features heavily in Artes Mundi, just not literally; Rather through shared sentiments with these other countries, and that, after all may be where we get our power renewed as a nation - beyond the literal and regressive. If we let go of the desire to control our past then we can justifiably expect to gain real autonomy and therefore control in making brighter futures together for Wales.

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